My New Year’s Goals and Resolutions for 2016

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My name is Tyler Moon. I’m 30 years old and I live in Los Angeles, California, with my girlfriend Caitlin and our Siamese cat Yujiro.

I’m a singer/songwriter and musician… sometimes, and a photographer… sometimes.

I say “sometimes” because I don’t create as often as I should. But I’d like to change that for the New Year.

2015 was good, but I really want to make 2016 great! So in order to do that, I’ve come up with 5 New Year’s goals and resolutions for 2016:

  1. Maintain a consistent fitness and diet routine for the entire year. Last year I worked out and ate clean for a few weeks, then avoided the gym entirely and ate crap for the next several months. This year, I’m going to stay disciplined and consistent for all 52 weeks.
  2. Start a weekly blog. I used to write a lot in high school and college, but not so much anymore. I want to sharpen my writing skills again, so I plan to write about my life and any other thoughts, ideas, or opinions I may have, and I’ll post on both my personal website and Medium.
  3. Do a weekly photo shoot. I used to shoot a lot, but I haven’t made the time for it these past few years. In 2016, I’ll do one shoot a week, which can include shooting models, actors, musicians, landscapes, architecture, or even myself. I just want to have a camera in my hands again. I’ll post each shoot on my Flickr page and my 500PX page.
  4. Write and record a song every week. I have a problem releasing anything that’s not “perfect,” and because of that, I hardly posted any music online at all last year. For 2016, I will post a new song each week on my SoundCloud page, even if the song is rough and still a work-in-progress.
  5. Post a weekly vlog. I was really inspired by Casey Neistat’s decision to start a daily vlog last year, so while I can’t commit to vlogging everyday, I am going to start a weekly vlog that highlights what’s going on in my life each week.

That’s it! I know it’s going to be very challenging, but I think it will also be very rewarding.

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Happy New Year!


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